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13th - London Musical Arts Ensemble: Mozart, Handel, Haydn at St Martin - in -the Fields.


5th - 2012 Hours to Go: An Evening of athletics and entertainment at the Olympic Stadium.


3rd - The big Jubilee Lunch (various venues), Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.


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A Local History

A little local History:

We are located between the districts of Belgravia and Pimlico (nearest to South Belgravia). South Belgravia is the early Victorian creation of Thomas Cubitt and his sub-contractor. The master-builder constructed Eccleston and Warwick Square, the two great avenues; St. George's Drive and Belgrave Road, and the streets linking them.

Between 1840 and 1914 this was the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful - totally "Upstairs-Downstairs". Now it is host to the "B & B" establishments.

The Stuccoville Grid is the author's name for that fascinating and lovely grid of streets lying west of South Belgravia - framed by Hugh Street, St. George's Drive etc. Built between 1840 and 1870 the grid was cynically named "stuccoville" & "Cubitto" by developers and estate agencies. Pleasant, peaceful, secluded and residential, this central part is now undergoing excellent facade re-decoration and costly interior re-designing, rendering each terrace home, once again, a domestic paradise worthy of the attentions of the very rich. Politicians, artists, diplomats and country-based families are moving in - and prices are rocketing! Apart from residents, car drivers are discouraged, the avenues being narrowed deliberately at the crossroads.

This is Victorian Pimlico, the finest surviving example of early Victorian "town planning" in the world. After the death of Cubitt in 1855, the name became applied to "South Belgravia" to Pimlico, as we know it today, and was created between 1836 and 1875.