Hotel features
Hotel features


We have followed official guidance from the UK government. Even though restrictions have eased we will continue to observe safe practices to ensure that both you and our team stay safe.

We ask our guests to practice social distancing of at least 1 metre. There will be signs around the hotel reminding guests to maintain safe distancing from anyone outside of your party while moving through the common areas.
Please try not to pass other guests on the stairs.
Our hotel entrance area and area outside the reception has limited space, so if we are serving a guest at the reception, please wait 2 metres away until we can help you. This may mean waiting on the front doorstep or the street outside, if you are wanting to check in. We appreciate your understanding.

Please remember to bring a face mask with you for your stay. We ask guests to wear a face mask in common areas of the hotel. It is advisable to wear a face mask in shops and it mandatory when you go on public transport (the Underground/Tube, buses and trains). It is also common to wear masks when in other public spaces.

There will be a hand sanitiser station on the ground floor entrance area (wall mounted with an automatic no-touch sensor). Please use the hand sanitiser to clean your hands on entering the hotel and at various other times while passing through.
As we are all aware, regular thorough hand washing is a vital part of Covid-19 control – so please remember that hand sanitiser is only a substitute when proper hand washing with soap and water is not available.
Our team will be regularly washing their hands throughout the day.
There will be signs around the hotel to remind you to wash your hands regularly and/or use hand sanitiser.
Please catch all coughs and sneezes into a tissue and place it safely in a bin and then wash your hands.

You may need to be tested in order to return home (“Fit to Fly” test) – here is a selection of places to get a lateral flow/PCR test – please see the relevant websites for up-to-date prices and info:
You can find many test providers here: but here are a few providers that have been reliable for recent guests
• Boots – they deliver lateral flow tests (£19.99) or PCR tests (£62), PCR results within 24-48 hours. On site testing offered – see website for details.
• Aero Medical Consulting UK – lateral flow tests (£13.99) or PCR test (£49) delivered, PCR results within 36-48 hours
• Covid Travel Clincs – PCR tests delivered (£35), PCR results within 24 hours.
• Warwick Pharmacy – local pharmacy offering testing. Please call for more info (00 44) 207 834 4721

When you arrive, please press the bell and wait for someone to buzz you in. If we are serving someone inside, we will ask you to wait outside until it is clear for you to come in.
Once you enter please use the wall mounted hand sanitiser to clean your hands.
Please wear a face mask while passing through common areas of the hotel.
Someone will be at reception to welcome you from a safe distance.
Our staff will have a mask on and possibly a face shield or visor. Rest assured, although our smiles will be covered, we will be very pleased to welcome you!

Once a guest has checked out, we will leave the room thoroughly cleaned with adequate ventilation for an hour before a new guest can check in.

Please call reception the day before you are due to leave so that a convenient time can be arranged to sort out check out and payment. In this way we can arrange staggered check outs of all our guests and avoid congestion in the reception area.

Guests will not be allowed any visitors in the hotel.

Our housekeeper will be following enhanced cleaning procedures for all rooms and bathrooms as well as common areas especially high-touch points such as banisters, door handles and light switches.
We will keep most, if not all windows open as much as possible to allow adequate ventilation of the hotel.
We would appreciate if you can keep your room window open for periods of time during the day when you are in your room.
Our cleaner has a designated area to change before and after working and will be using appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and face shields/visors.
All linen and towels are managed by an external company who have strict safety procedures in place for collecting, washing and delivering laundry.
Anything which cannot be washed in a machine will be temporarily removed from your room.
Once a guest has checked out, we will leave the room thoroughly cleaned with adequate ventilation for an hour before a new guest can check in.

Our usual fruit baskets for breakfast will be made up as normal (using safe hygienic practices). Please let us know if you do not require this basket.

We have removed all disposable cups from our water machine in the entrance area. However, please feel free to fill your own bottles.

All rooms have air-conditioning. Please let us know prior to your arrival or when you arrive if you would like the remote for the A.C.

Our small team carry out routine daily health checks. If any member develops any symptom of Covid-19, they will not be allowed to work. If they develop symptoms at work, they will immediately self-isolate and appropriate actions will be taken. All members of our team have been fully vaccinated.

We must ensure that all of our guests are not a risk to other before coming to the hotel. We will call or email you a few days prior to arrival to ask you to complete a simple Covid-19 health check, in order to confirm you do not have any symptoms. Each member of your travelling party must complete the health-check. For the safety of all guests and our team it would be appreciated if you can tell us if you and all adults in your party have been vaccinated.
In addition, please do not come to the hotel if you are feeling unwell or anyone in your household is unwell or has any Covid-19 symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 2 weeks.
If you start to feel unwell during your stay or start to show any symptoms of Covid -19 (including a temperature, dry cough, loss of taste or smell) please remain in your room and let us know by phone, so we can make a plan to manage the situation. Do not come into the common public areas of the hotel as it is imperative that you do not come into contact with anyone else to limit the spread.

We hope that you have found all the information you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cherry Court Hotel!